Tubridys Bar Doonbeg

Tubridy’s Doonbeg

Tubridy's Bar Doonbeg
Tubridys Bar and Restaurant in Doonbeg, County Clare is a nice pub and restaurant in rural County Clare, Ireland.
It was an ordinary local pub frequented by locals and a few tourists and not very well known around Ireland or abroad.
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Trump Visits Doonbeg

Then everything changed in June 2019 with the visit of US President Donald Trump and his entourage to Doonbeg. Donald Trump stayed in his Trump International Golf Links & HotelTrump International Golf Links & Hotel nearby and it was a huge occasion for the village as hundreds turned out to welcome the party.

Donald Trump’s sons, Donald Junior and Eric went on a ‘pub crawl’, visiting the pubs in the village and in Tubridy’s they sampled the Guinness and learned how to pull the perfect pint. Photos of the occasion went worldwide shooting Tubridy’s Bar Doonbeg into the spotlight.
It is hoped that the worldwide publicity will boost tourism in Doonbeg in the future.

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Food and Drink at Tubridy’s

The Tap Room Restaurant at Tubridy’s Bar Doonbeg has a full license with a good selection of wines.
This restaurant serves traditional home cooked food in pleasant surroundings. The food is made from fresh seasonal ingredients which are locally sourced.
Some of the tasty treats include Tubridy’s Seafood Chowder, Doonbeg Crab Claws, Grilled Sirloin or Rib Eye Steak, Red Thai Chicken Curry, Traditional Fish & Chips and lots more including vegetarian dishes and special children’s dishes.

Tubridy’s Bar, Doonbeg, Co. Clare has a great atmosphere and great drink. It has been around since the 18th century and although it has been modernized you can still feel that traditional friendly atmosphere in the bar.
Live music is a regular feature at this bar.


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