furnace festival in County Clare

International Furnace Festival 2022

We are delighted to be welcoming international and domestic visitors to this years Furnace Festival in County Clare. We will be running three sheepdog shows until 8th August – 11.15, 12.45 and 2.15. These can all be booked online at www.caherconnell.com and a joint ticket for the fort and sheepdogs presents the best value and experience. We have guided tours of the fort each day at 10.30, 12 noon, 1.30 and 3pm, – these are proving very popular as the guides really bring the story of the fort to life and give a great insight into life in the Burren from 960 until the 1600s.
Certainly the inhabitants had a rich and cultured life – our archaeology team have uncovered pieces of musical instruments, board games, the first known pen in the country and pieces of personal adornment. All that was missing was wi-fi! 

Furnace Festival in County Clare

We are thrilled to be hosting the International Furnace Festival in County Clare on 27th & 28th August. Visitors will be able to see iron smelters from across the globe smelting iron ore into iron. Blacksmiths will be making replicas of iron objects found during excavations at Caherconnell. This year will also feature an Open Air Museum on iron in the Burren, at Caherconnell and in Ireland. The festival promises a fascinating insight into an ancient Irish skill. See https://www.furnacefestival.ie/ for full details.
Caherconnell Fort and Sheepdog Demonstration, Carron, Kilfenora, Co. Clare.


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